Empower Your Brain

At Neural Effects, we are proud to be Utah’s premier destination for comprehensive cognitive care. We offer the finest concussion and mild brain injury treatment while also providing an empowering and compassionate dementia evaluation and therapy program.

Our integrated approaches ensure that every individual receives personalized attention and support for their unique needs.

We are dedicated to enhancing cognitive health and enriching lives.

Our Concussion Clinic

Brain Injury Treatment

Modernized Treatment

At Neural Effects, we break out of the dated concussion treatment methods to give patients a modern approach to recovery. Our experienced staff uses their expertise to personalize treatment to our patient’s needs because we know that not every head injury is the same. We also actively monitor our patients’ therapy to ensure safety and to make positive changes to their treatment, maximizing recovery potential.

Initial Evaluation

Concussions affect several cellular and molecular processes throughout the brain- even beyond the area of impact. It is imperative to evaluate how your injury has affected your brain and body as a whole.

Before beginning treatment, we begin with a battery of objective testing which allows us to determine the severity of the concussion and tailor an individualized recovery program for you. This testing evaluates several different brain functions including the following:

  • Cognitive Fatigue
  • Visual disturbances
  • Gait changes
  • Balance challenges
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Autonomic Instability
  • Physical Pain or Numbness

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Treatments and Therapies

Specialized and experienced practitioners at our clinic will guide you through the treatment process. Experienced and knowledgeable guidance through this process is important as unguided use of passive or active activity could lead to worse recovery outcomes and potential for chronic symptoms.

Our multidisciplinary treatment allows for us to cover a broad variety of symptoms and give you a high-quality, fast recovery experience. Our treatment includes modalities such as: Occupational Therapy, Vision Therapy, Cognitive Therapy and Physical Therapy.

  • Cognitive Fatigue
  • Visual disturbances
  • Gait changes
  • Balance challenges
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Autonomic Instability
  • Physical Pain or Numbness

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We provide rapid and reliable recovery options directed by a multidisciplinary team of concussion specialists.

Our Dementia Clinic

Evaluation and Intervention for Memory and Cognitive Decline

Cognitive Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation or dementia test is often an important step in the process of diagnosing dementia.

The demand for cognitive evaluation is high, and when you need answers about changes in your cognitive function you can lose precious months waiting for an appointment. Not with Neural Effects. We focus on cognitive impairment and dementia evaluation for patients nearing and over 65 years of age and can test you or your loved one fast, sometimes within a week of receiving your referral!

Our caring and compassionate professionals will provide an initial clinical consultation to better understand your symptoms and then walk you through the testing portion.

In total your evaluation will be scheduled for a 2-hour appointment. We will also provide you and your doctor with an extensive report of our findings from the neuropsychological evaluation.

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Seniors exercising with weights

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a structured and evidence-based intervention designed to enhance cognitive and social functioning in individuals with dementia. CST engages participants in a variety of stimulating activities and discussions that target memory, attention, language, and problem-solving skills. By fostering a supportive and interactive environment, CST aims to promote mental agility, social interaction, and overall well-being, ultimately contributing to the maintenance and improvement of cognitive abilities among individuals living with dementia.

Neural Effects combines CST, exercise, caregiver support, and our brain health expertise into a program we call EMPOWER.

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